Affordable SEO Services for Businesses

If you understand the importance of SEO for growing your business online and are searching for SEO services, you are probably ready to invest in your website optimization.

You care about your small business and want to find an experienced professional to work with. But the budget you have is limited.

Here you have a choice:

  • invest time and do SEO for free yourself;
  • find a cheap SEO service on Fiverr or Upwork and hope it’s going to work out well,
  • or find an SEO expert who offers services at an affordable price.

Inexpensive SEO services

SEO can help small and medium businesses in multiple ways: from planning a new website structure to working on existing content to improve it and make a website both user- and bot-friendly.

If you want to find a reliable and inexpensive SEO expert, look for someone who’s not that famous but has a passion for SEO and is constantly learning and keeping up with the changes in the industry.

I have experience working with different types of businesses, from smaller eCommerce stores to blogs and large affiliate websites.

Below you’ll find the affordable SEO packages and services I offer and their starting prices.

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Affordable SEO packages

Website SEO Audits

The website audit allows me to thoroughly evaluate your website’s current performance, identify areas for improvement, and understand your business objectives. This comprehensive analysis includes assessing technical issues, SEO performance, user experience, and content quality.

Using crawling tools and manual review, I’ll perform the following:

Google Search Console analysis

Technical issue analysis

Website structure review

Internal linking review

On-page optimization review

Competition analysis

What you’ll get:

Prioritized list of the website SEO issues

Detailed analysis of your website with explanations and recommendations

Suggestions of new Heading 1 tags, meta-information, short category descriptions (for eCom)

1-hour consultation call via Zoom

Prices start at €800 for a website with up to 20 pages

Monthly SEO retainers

Available in 3, 6, and 12-month packages, a Monthly SEO retainer includes ongoing keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO improvement suggestions, content strategy, and regular performance reporting.

By committing to a longer-term plan, I can implement more strategic initiatives, monitor results, and make data-driven adjustments to continually improve your site’s visibility and drive organic traffic.

To ensure I understand your needs and can create a tailored strategy for your website, an initial website SEO audit is required before beginning a monthly SEO retainer service.

Depending on the needs of your websites, a basic monthly retainer will include the following:

Monitoring of SEO audit suggestion implementations

Small edits to on-page elements (headings, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, etc.)

SEO strategy adjustment, if needed

Monthly SEO reporting and 1-hour consultation

Prices start at €200/mo depending on the support needed and don’t include other freelancers’ (copywriters, IT specialists, etc.) services.

Keyword Research and Mapping

Planning your website structure and content in advance is a great way to set your business for success from the beginning. And it will save you from the trouble of site migration and redesign.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Keyword research for your business

Keyword mapping

Suggested website structure

Prices depend on the size of your planned website / how much content you wish to plan ahead.

SEO Content briefs

Content briefs are great for businesses that want to have a traffic-generating blog section and post content regularly. It’s better suited for creating “evergreen” content.

This SEO service package includes:

Keyword and topic research

Detailed content briefs for new article

One round of review for article drafts

Prices start at €500 for five content briefs per month

Content writing is not included in the price, and if you need a copywriter – I can help you find one.